Frequently Asked Questions

1.   How do I sign up for my free business account?

2.  How do I sign up for a free user account?

3.   How do I add my menu?

4. is Free? What’s the catch?

5.   I already have a website or Social page why should I use

6.   How do I convert scanned and saved images to PDF files to upload menus and other items?









1.  How do I sign up for my free business account?

On the home page in the top right click on add your business “always free” simply enter your email address and password enter the captcha code shown then click on create business account. Now all you need to do is click on login and add your business info.

Once logged in you will see your admin page starting at your business profile fields marked with a red asterisks * are required fields that need to be filled out before your page goes public. Links at the top of your admin page will provide access to different areas to enter and enhance your business’s rgrub Profile the links include, Profiles, logo’s, Tagline, Menus & files, Specials & events, Photos, and Public Profile. If you have any questions or need help setting up your account please contact us at


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2.  How do I sign up for a free user account?

We are currently working on new features in which including user accounts. We are incorporating exciting features that will help you socially interact with your favorite business’s also giving the opportunity for you to get exclusive deals to help you save money. Check back often you never know what you’ll find.


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3.  How do I add my menu?

If your menu was professionally done then the designer should have or can make a pdf version of your menu in which all you would have to do is upload it. If you don’t have access to your original menu then you can scan the menu and upload it as either a picture or some programs let you save it as a pdf file but if you need to convert it just read the how to in our FAQ.

Once  In menu & files you click you can enter any title describing your menu it could say dinner menu, lunch menu, catering menu and so on once you entered the name for your menu you can select what category you want it to go in such as is it a drink menu, an appetizer menu,  or a misc menu used for almost any category. Once selected now you need to upload the actual menu click choose file and give the location of your menu file you want to upload.  Now click on add file and you will see your menu appear to the left in which you can click on and verify everything is how you want it.


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4. is Free? What’s the catch?

There are No catches whatsoever is a 100% free full featured site with no credit card ever required! offers value to businesses and customers alike. Some sites charge outrageous amounts of money or fees to be listed or will ask you to sign up for a free trial using a credit card, maintains a clean easy to use interface with more control and options than paid for sites. So don’t waste your money get your business seen for free!


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5.  I already have a website or Social page why should I use adds to your website and social network. gives a direct link to your website along with feeds and links to your social network. gives better ability for your business to be seen by providing customers a unique industry specific place to search for your business you can have the best website in the world but if nobody knows about it or can’t find it then it’s not being seen! helps people see everything about your business, website, and social networks all in one convenient place. Now with social networks going public their trying to squeeze as much money as they can out of business’s by limiting their exposure making you pay for sponsored posts just to be seen by your fans and if some business’s have noticed especially those places that place their menus in their photo albums mobile users can’t even access pictures or photo albums from business’s from their mobile phone when using the social networking app and that means your business may be passed up because a mobile user can’t see your menu from their phone. cures the ails of your business not being seen by providing everything about your business easily accessible from any device. 


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6.    How do I convert scanned and saved images to PDF files to upload menus and other items?


As we have had a few people ask how to convert their menus to PDF to upload easier we have written a little guide to walk you through the steps to upload your menu and coupons and to convert them to a PDF file.

 1. You will need to download and install the tools to convert images to a pdf file if you do not have software to do this there is a free tool that can be downloaded here the name of the tool isPDFill PDF Toolsit is completely free. We will continue the tutorial using this program.

 2. You will need to have your images you want to use (menu, coupons, flyers whatever you want to upload) such as a scanned file of each page of your menu or coupons or a saved image file of the items. Please take note of where the images are saved you will need to access that folder later when we open the files.

 3. Once you have the images you want to use we recommend you name them in the order you want them to be displayed from top to bottom for example if you scanned or have images of your menu and it is more than 1 or more pages (images) you would rename it or save it as  menu1 then menu2 and so on depending on how many images you want to show in a single pdf file ( menu1 would be your first page menu2 would be next page and so on. the file does not have to be named menu but we suggest you put a number at the end of the file name so you know what order you want them to show up in from top to bottom in the pdf file)

 4. Now that you have the images ready you will open the software to convert them into a pdf file if there is not a shortcut on the desktop you will go to start then all programs then look for a file called pdfill pdf tools click on the pdfill pdf tools (it should be in a file called pdfill in all programs) the program will open up and give you 15 different options the option we want to use is #9 (convert images to PDF) click on that then proceed to step 5.

 5. Now in the right hand corner there will be a button that says add an image you will click on add an image now you will look for the place where your images are saved once you located the folder where your images are saved you will add them in the order you want them to appear (the numbered files makes this easier to achieve) add as many files as needed to show your full menu or other forms you may want displayed.

 6. Once you have all your images added you can now click on save as you will now save these to a file (we recommend saving as an easy filename and location for you to easily find this file when you’re ready to upload it to your webpage) you can now click on the saved pdf file to verify everything is in there correctly

 7. Now you’re ready to upload the file to your webpage click on manage file libraries select your category i.e. menus, coupons or such. Then place a name in the title (the title name will be the link the customer clicks on to access your pdf file.

 If you experience any problems or have any questions about this process please contact us at support@rgrub.comand we will be more than happy to help you.


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